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Little Princess

Neon Play are creating some of the hottest games on the iOS App Store. Classics such as Flick Football, Paper Glider and Golf Putt Pro to name just a few. With over 21 million iOS apps downloaded around the World with 7 UK No.1 games, it was time to look at Children’s apps.


  •  Jick Jack to be promoted to the licensing community as a premium children’s app brand developer with a pedigree of success as demonstrated by the Neon Play banner.

  • AT New Media to promote the company and its expertise, together with its desire to work with clearly targeted children’s TV Shows and Characters that had potential longevity in the iOS and additional App stores over time.


  • Licences signed included Little Princess (Zodiak Rights) and others that will be announced in due course.

  • Jick Jack, as part of the Neon Play organisation, will continue to evolve as it grows its brand awareness just as Neon has.  Additional licenses will form a key part of its evolution.

For more information about AT New Media’s license acquisition services, please contact Simon Kay

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