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Are you a developer? Have you honestly thought about Toy and Merchandising Development in parallel w

Yes, we have a Toy and Merchandise consultancy service for content developers and publishers.

We bring together a small team of like minded consultants who have managed toy companies and ventures trading in over 60 countries worldwide, managing in excess of 200 commercial & licensing contracts and worked with brands valued at $billions in value.

AT New Media and its partners can offer bespoke toy and merchandising consultancy through to full representation services for intellectual properties emerging specifically from all sectors of the interactive, social, and video gaming market. Working with clients to assist them with establishing relationships with companies that can translate their brands into toys and merchandising opportunities and revenues.

Unlike many traditional licensing agents and consultants AT New Media is focused on toys and interactive rights management (games and characters). Everything we work on has a touch-point in the interactive gaming market. We believe that makes us unique, in that we know toys and interactive games and we understand what both developers and publishers in this sector are looking for from a merchandising consultant or agent, plus we know what the Toy market is seeking.

We listen to the requirements of clients and work with them to build the bespoke service and toy merchandising program they are seeking. That could be within their game environment, online, or at retail. We have tried and tested various initiatives through different businesses over the years and have learned a lot.

One hat does not fit all, and every client has their own unique set of objectives and requirements.

The combination of both interactive games and toy licensing experts means we have the perfect support base to build your foundation in this market and grow your interactive game and merchandising programs in a convergent manner.

Please contact us to find out more?

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