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Accessible, On Demand and Agile.
AT New Media can help you get it done.

What we do

AT New Media is a small but dedicated consultancy offering intellectual property licensing and relationship marketing services focused on the interactive games and gaming markets.

Unlike many other consultants or agencies we focus on interactive games, gaming, social media, CRM, and associated integrated merchandising opportunities.

We offer support services to both Licensors/Agents and Developers/Publishers alike. We are Accessible, On Demand and Agile. Whatever your needs, short term or long term, we can help you get it done.

Sample References on some of our work can be found by reviewing the above links.


AT New Media has been involved in brand licensing for over 20 years. Staff, (who've been around for longer) both past and present, have worked on some fantastic initiatives that cross the services we offer.


Whether it is Brand License Acquisitions, Sales, Management, Merchandising, Social Media Support or CRM we can assist you. We also like to investigate new IP licensing opportunities with new tech and more. Always interested in a natter about what is on the horizon.

Brands and companies detailed herein are examples of projects AT New Media has supported.


Please contact us for current activities and interests or follow our social media stream or find us on LinkedIn.


Led by Simon Kay with the support of Steve Manley, AT New Media was originally conceived to undertake the global merchandising program for the Crazy Frog aka The Annoying Thing.


Simon and Steve continue to lead AT New Media in all ventures with a focus now on IP licensing in and out of the games and gaming business.

Simon tends to manage the majority of leading accounts across all licensing services offered by the business.

Simon also manages a network of global partnerships across Europe, the USA (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), China and Australia that supplement the company's ability to support clients.

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