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Crazy Frog

Back in 1997, a sound arrived.

Yes, it was the notorious “D'Ding Ding Ding…”.

The rest is history.

However, contrary to many reports in the National and International Media, it was not the Crazy Frog character which was 20 years old in 2017. It was just the sound.

That sound went on to become synonymous via Jamba with MTV and ringtones. Remember them? We are sure you do.

The Crazy Frog aka The Annoying Thing himself did actually not exist in character form until 2003.

AT New Media took the character global and managed an International merchandising program that was hugely successful pretty much everywhere.

So for all you Crazy Frog lovers out there, please note the 20 year birthday of our amphibian friend is actually in 2023.

AT New Media has the scope to support merchandising programs for characters and brands evolving from digital media whether that is in the UK and Ireland or throughout the World. 

We have done it before, and for the right opportunity, we will happily do it again.

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