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Me To You and My Blue Nose Friends

Probably ahead of time, we assisted Carte Blanche Greetings with their digital licensing and marketing strategy.

We reviewed many areas including Social Games, iOS Applications and how to dovetail with an existing licensing strategy.

AT New Media worked closely with both the licensing and marketing departments at Carte Blanche Greetings to assist in the strategic evolution of their digital licensing strategy whilst fusing all elements with their marketing department.

The initial results were very noticeable with a successful iPhone app, Facebook Game, Music Album, and the subscription based game for My Blue Nose Friends.

The social game elements that were encouraged to be integrated by the brand and team were probably not exploited to their full potential but this may have been caused by more forward thinking from some departments than others.

Even when an idea is sound and it is very progressive, the level of understanding on how to fully integrate and exploit it may not be.

Still, a wonderful project to have worked on.

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